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21 Things You Already Kinda Knew About Your Inner Compass

Updated: May 7

1. The Inner Compass is that inside of you which guides you towards your


2. It is most clearly felt deep in your torso’. 

3. The process of learning to differentiate between the Inner Compass and the mind's

noise is the process of getting to ‘Know Thyself’. The Inner Compass has a texture of certainty, knowingness and courage, whereas mind noise often comes in the form of hesitation, confusion and doubt.

4. The Inner Compass is in tune with the infinite intelligence of nature. It knows best.

Often the mind will come up with seemingly reasonable doubts and objections against the direction the Inner Compass is pulling you in. You know when you just fucking know you need to do something, but then a million different 'logical' reasons start popping up trying to talk you out of it? That's it.

5. It is intrinsically enjoyable to head in the direction of the Inner Compass.

Even if, on the surface, it is painful or uncomfortable, the knowingness within yourself that you are on track doing what you need to do, results in a deep sense of satisfaction that runs underneath and through everything else you feel.

6. ‘Do what makes you feel alive!’, ‘follow your heart’ and ‘listen to your gut’, are other

ways of talking about this.

7. Doing fun, wholesome shit, spending time in nature, sunlight, eating healthy,

expressive writing, listening to great music, dancing naked in your room, working with plant medicines, going for walks and being still can all help you re-attune yourself to your Inner Compass. Comment at the bottom if you have any other methods!

8. Flow states‘ are signs that you are working in alignment with your Inner Compass.

9. Try writing or talking about something which doesn’t interest you. Feel the energy

fade as you go. This what it feels like to ignore the Inner Compass. If you are working on a project or are in a relationship and it starts to feel forced, like you're constantly having to struggle to progress, then your Inner Compass is pointing you in a different direction.

10. True Power comes from following the Inner Compass. When you are aligned with

it, you have the Universe on your side. When you are acting out of fear and/or merely coming from a place of ego, it’s you against the world. 

11. When following your Inner Compass, it often feels more like things are happening

through you, rather than as though you are having to make things happen.

12. Synchronicities happen when you follow your Inner Compass. The feeling of being

unlucky or even cursed might come about when you don't.

13. The guidance active on all levels. On a micro level, we feel a kind of weakness in

the stomach when we lie. On a more macro level, one starts to feel splintered and weak when stuck in a career that isn’t doesn't feel aligned.

14. When in tune with your Inner Compass, you feel secure on a very deep level. The

kind of security that only comes from feeling like you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing. 

15. If you are doing something ultimately to impress others, you are not being

led by your Inner Compass.

16. The Inner Compass communicates to you in the Present Moment. You need to tune

into your feelings that are here, now, to plug into the Compass. People who are never present with the feelings in their body, always distracting themselves, are often doing so in order to escape the discomfort coming from within. The discomfort is inner pressure, trying to guide you into the life which allows the fullest expression of yourself. Let it.

17. Following your Inner Compass allows you to feel lighter and more effortless. Like you

have a helluva lot more energy to spend in a day. Not doing so will bring about heaviness, lethargy and the need to continuously summon willpower to do things.

18. Tuning into the Inner Compass is a sensitive process that often requires a nurturing

attitude. Think of a candle in the wind. The goal is to still the candle. The world, with all of its noise, distractions and expectations, is the wind. You need to cradle this candle to shield it from outside forces. If you watch too much news or spend too much time comparing yourself to others, you can easily lose that clear connection to your mission.

Many people don’t even know that the candle is there. Once you recognise that it is there, you can learn to shelter and protect it. When the candle is still, you rest in knowingness and the way forward is revealed. When the candle blows out, you are lost and won’t know which way is up.

In order to light a candle which has gone out, you must take a step back. Go on a mini or not so mini sabbatical of some sort. Reconnect to your essence. It is there, you just need to shut the noise out and you’ll hear it.

19. Notice when your own expectations are getting in the way. Often your Compass

will ask you to do something that doesn't fit your idea of what you should be doing right now. These are the times where a deep sense of Trust will pierce through resistance and allow you the confidence in yourself to go where you need to, despite how crazy it might seem.

20. Remember it is a Compass, not a map. It does not show you the entire path or

the destination. It only guides the direction of your very next step.

21. Your Inner Compass knows far better and deeper than you do. Trust it. Let your heart

lead you and see what happens :)


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